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Moving Cargo, Reaching Ultimate Destination.

From roots in emerging markets, Speed Cargo Logistics (S) Pte Ltd  brings efficiency to supply chains in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Speed Cargo Logistics (S) Pte Ltd has evolved from day one with a focus on service delivery standards and innovations in the service offering. These two core principles have helped Speed Cargo to gain market respectability for its transparency of transaction and promptness of service.

Speed Cargo Logistics (S) Pte Ltd  has a distinguishable identity that has built in the minds of a large number of satisfied customers. This identity is a result of the service excellence customers had been experiencing since the day they chose this company as a single point solution for all their logistics needs. Speed Cargo Logistics (S) Pte Ltd  is well represented by a network of agents around the world and it focuses on Singapore centric business to benefit the Worldwide customers. At Speed Cargo Logistics (S) Pte Ltd, we believe that maximum customer satisfaction can be delivered only by providing tailor made solutions to each client based on their business characteristics. Hence, we take every new company that
approaches us as a new venture, which will be studied in depth and analyzed in detail by a group of experts with vast experience in the field of logistics. 

The optimum solution for the logistic requirements of the firm will be formulated such that it is expandable to accommodate the long term needs of the client organization. Today our operations stretch countrywide with a strong presence in both developed and emerging markets like Fareast  / India & Indian Sub Con / Middle East / Europe  / Africa / United States. This enables us to move offering an unmatched personal service, a global footprint, and customized capabilities in the emerging economies.


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